Ichthus 2011

So these past days have been crazy off the hook retarded! If that doesn’t make since then that will kind of give you a taste of the mass awesomeness of chaos that is going down in Wilmore, KY!

Oh how that was ridiculously crazy!

Tonight was Family Force 5 and it was ridiculous! I was on the fence in the very front and that is where the party was! My friend Gloria pulling crowd control in front of me, Emmaleigh right beside her, and the lead guitarist for Family Force 5 jamming with his guitar literally inches from my face! I freaked, so what did I do?!, I jammed yelling the lyrics as loud as I could! It was beyond Epic, if that’s even possible?

But towards the end of the craziness FF5 left and came back for an encore and they came strapped to these balloons, and it was a treat of all treats that you could have seen! The lead singer came out in a blow up mouse ball and he, “crowd rolled?”, I might say! All I remember is that it was intense! Ha.

The dude came out in a huge ball! Sick!

But after the FF5 portion was over I jetted out to get their autograph on my, “Dance or Die” vinyl that is legit! But wait theres more, on the way out (I hopped the fence, because I have a main stage pass) and I walk around to backstage and Asbury’s Admission Team was going up on stage… So what did I do? I jumped on board and went NUTS!!! on stage throwing t-shirts and going crazy!!! By far a very amazing night!

He even went crowd surfing in that stinking ball! Awesome!

This is just a small blurb of the entire weekend but I thought I would just write this to capture some of the uber excitement coursing through my vains at this moment!

PS. Here is some new stuff from Family Force 5 that is a sure ear candy!