Land of the Christ Following Music

Ichthus 2011, by far was one of my  best weekends of this year! From Hillsong United to Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Transform DJs, listening to Family Force 5 ridiculously close enough to touch them, and Twenty One Pilots I’m going to say that I just got my face rocked off with so much awesome talent, that the artists and I would say came only from God. I’m marking my calendar already for next year and counting down!

Amazing night of worship with the "Aftermath" from Hillsong.

Thursday night by far was my favorite night of them all! Christian rap artists from all over America where on stage in the Deep End going insanely nuts in a unique way of worship! I caught myself during the three hours of rapping, closing my eyes and worshipping God as the energy at the stage was pulsing through my lungs and body! I mean this place was a earthquake pleasing to God!

The 116 Clique is comprised of Christian Rappers by the names of Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Flame, and Pro. The 116 comes from Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek."

During the day though before I got to enjoy the controlled chaos exploding from the town of Wilmore, Ky., I was working for Asbury University in the Admissions tent. We conducted contests, gave away scholarships, free bags, and t-shirts! My job specifically was to record high school students that had ideas to give money to a specific charity to help impact their community! The winner received  $1,000 dollars to donate to their charity of their choice. The girl that won is giving the money to a camp in Ohio called Kamp Dovetail that helps out with handicap children and children alike. Honestly I wish we could have given more gifts because all of the high schoolers that applied for the, “Make an Impact”, gift were all very good, and it was sad to have to turn down so many great ideas!

Two Asbury students have fun while waiting for applicants to arrive.

Besides working and eating tons of Chick-fil-A, I was able to do something that I’ve never done before but always wanted to do! I had the privilege to go out on stage numerous times through out the weekend and take pictures, but on friday night the main night I was able to go without the camera and throw t-shirts and bags into the crowd! Oh my gosh, were there a million people out there! I think I did a good job of hiding my nervousness behind my uncontrollable energy jumping around. Nevertheless it was a experience of a life time and I was definitely gifted by God to be able to do such a thing!

My friend, James Banter, throws t-shirts out into the freebie hungry crowd. Before we went out our boss said don't worry about the crowd because no matter what you do you'll make as many friends, as you have t-shirts, and everyone else will hate your guts! Just thought that was funny.

But the best part of this past weekend though was I was able to spend time with a lot of good people that I’ve come to know over the past year and it has been a blessing. This past year a friend said this to me and I adopted it as my own and love it. The person said, “Meeting a new person you’ve never met before is like receiving a gift from God. Everyone is different, they have their own talents, and getting to know that person and unwrapping who they are is just a pure blessing.” To the people I’ve met in this life either for a day or for 10yrs or more, Thank you, along with God’s help, for making me who I am today. God places people in our lives to encourage us, not to tear us down. The friends walking by the will of God speak truth to you daily, and that is a gift in itself.

This is Peter, he represents 1 Peter 2:11. "Friends this world is not your home, so do not make yourself cozy in it! Do not indulge your ego at the expense of your soul."

Uniquely created to reach out to others.