Let’s talk about something we all think about…

If I am to be completely honest, love is something I think about a lot.

I think about it when I’m eating my favorite chicken at Raising Canes, or when I go see my favorite movie in Lexington. But then again this westernized type of love is not what I’m thinking about right now. I’m thinking more.

I think most of us are too afraid to talk about this burning sensation of love. I mean it’s how we feel right. Don’t miss read my intentions in writing this world. I’m writing this to simply talk about the reality that this word brings with it. I’m curious with it, and fascinated through the ways we choose to express/interact with it.

Earlier I was watching a movie, and that sudden urge to have someone to love came over me. It was intoxicating to say the least… but why? I would say it’s because God made us that way. Some would beg to differ, but I love you all too. But let’s be real, it’s more of a sign of respect than love. I respect who you are, but not necessarily like the actions some make. I’m not perfect, I dislike a lot of decisions I unfortunately make, but who’s perfect?

But I’m not talking about a love that we all are called to act out towards others on a daily basis. And love is an action. Not just a feeling. It’s a combination of the two. I get that pop culture.

What I want to discuss is the love that we all long for. The love that lingers in the abyss of life. Yes, as a human race we long for a great love. A love my friend would call the great romance between God and us. But I think and believe God has also designed in us, a hole to love and to be loved by our own people. And of course if we’re lucky (as I am), our family will satisfy that lingering feeling for love… to a point. What I’m trying to say is that we all long for that love that stops us in our tracks; the kind of love that quite literally immobilizes you for not only a split second, but every time you’re around the other person. This love can’t be satisfied by your family because they freely offered it to you. I’m talking about actually finding someone to love.

Dang! Just even typing that makes me long for it even more. But patience is key. So is prayer. Don’t let me miss guide you. Christ is and should always be number one in all our lives, because He is and will always be our Lord and Savior. He deserves that honor, and glory.

The love I’m talking about is Eros. This love is the difference between wanting a relationship, and wanting one specific person. That my friends/readers is what we all desire. Romance. Am I right? I think we’d be all lying if we said, “Who’s he kidding”. It’s that desire to love someone else, and to be loved back by them. That bond that brings a man and woman together as one. That look into each others eyes and know… my heart is home. That’s the love I’m hinting at right?! I can’t wait for that glorious day! But wait…

There’s more. Some have made it to eros, and some enjoy it. It’s true. I just graduated college, and I know so many people who have found it. They have either married or are about to. And I congratulate them for finding something I’ve dreamed about for sometime. I’m not jealous… haha well maybe a little, nah I’m playing. But then again it only lasts for periods of time. I mean you can always experience it, but at times it seems dim. Why? Why does something so strong as a connection between man and woman become not so strong at times? Why isn’t enough… enough?

I think because Eros simply isn’t enough. It’s Agape that we truly desire.

Agape is a term that describes the most epicly ultimate awesomest sweetest greatest form of love a human could receive and try to give to one another! It’s the love where action is key. It’s the love that commitment, and discipline do not hold up to it. It’s the love that our God showed us through his son. It’s the overwhelming, relentless, unconditional, scandalous love that words can only put shame to. It’s that truly genuine love through actions, that we all long for right?!

Forgive me if have never loved in this fashion towards you.

But boy do I desire to love and be loved in this way.

This picture of love, this true picture, is humbling/riveting to say the least.

My heart is pounding now at the thought of expressing this love for my future wife.

I can see her saying now…

“Where are you Max?”

Where are you Max? Where am I? Let me help you out.

I’m in Kentucky serving God wherever he leads me. And I can only pray that you are in his will too serving Him wherever he leads you. Send me an rsvp, and maybe I’ll make it a road trip to find you! Ha. But for real…

I long for the day that when I get to heaven, to be with my creator, He can share His agape love with me. But until that day comes, I want to love with the knowledge of agape. I want to love so radically that people question why I do so. I not only want to, I need to. It’s why I was created. It’s why we were all created. For community with each other, and what better way to care for each other than to share agape.

God I pray that my two cents about love could bring you honor, and show your glory.